Partner Visas

Eligibility to apply for an Australian Partner Visa

Partner visas are for applicants who are in a marital or de-facto relationship (including those in a same-sex relationship) or who are engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. If you are a partner of a New Zealand Citizen who is not an eligible New Zealand Citizen, you can apply for a subclass 461 temporary visa.


Our experience has shown that many applicants waste time, energy and money assembling far too many documents which in most cases will be discarded by Department of Home Affairs case officers. To be eligible for a partner visa, it is not enough for you to simply show that you are married or in a de-facto relationship.

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You must also demonstrate that your relationship with your spouse is genuine, continuing and mutually exclusive. If you fail to demonstrate that you are in such a relationship you may be a refused a visa regardless of whether you are married or in a de-facto relationship.  For peace of mind we can offer you the benefit of our knowledge and experience to ensure your application is completed accurately and is supported with relevant documents which carry the most weight when determining your relationship history.


Services that you will receive from AUSTRALIA MIGRATION MOVES CC

We will take responsibility for the entire management of your application so as to ensure that your case runs as smoothly as possible. Our services include:

  • A personal or SKYPE appointment to assess your eligibility;
  • Electronic completion of application and sponsorship forms;
  • Overview of evidence needed to prove relationship history;
  • Advice and assistance with the structure of relationship statements;
  • Attaching all relevant documents to the ImmiAccount;
  • Advice on health and character issues (if applicable);
  • Australian citizenship advice and assistance for dependent children;
  • Advice regarding the removal of a dependent child from a previous relationship;
  • Advice regarding a dependent child remaining with a non-migrating parent;
  • Management of your application until your application is decided.

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Types of visa subclasses

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Spouse/de-facto – visa subclasses 100/309

Emphasis is placed on your relationship history which demonstrates a commitment to sharing a common residence and level of mutual support and co-operation in financial, social and domestic matters with your sponsor.

Prospective Marriage – visa subclass 300

You can apply for a Prospective Marriage visa if you are engaged to be married and are planning to marry your fiancé/sponsor within 9 months from the date of the grant of the visa. You can marry in or outside Australia but must travel to Australia before you marry.

New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship – visa subclass 461

This visa allows a partner of a New Zealand Citizen who is not an eligible New Zealand Citizen to live and work in Australia for up to five years.

Time taken for your visa to be granted

We have been advised that applications lodged in the current programme year are expected to take between 10 – 14 months to be finalised. The new processing timetable is roughly in line with global processing times.

Free preliminary assessment

AUSTRALIA MIGRATION MOVES CC offers you a free preliminary assessment and will advise you whether you have a realistic chance of being granted a partner visa to reside in Australia. In order to do this, kindly complete the free preliminary assessment Enquiry form below and submit your details to us.

SKYPE or telephonic consultations

If we have assessed that you have the potential to be granted a visa and you would like to find out more, the next step is to arrange a no-obligation consultation via SKYPE or by telephone at a mutually convenient time.

Make your free preliminary assessment Enquiry

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    If you are considering applying for a Partner visa for Australia, please complete all questions and ensure you provide your full address or post code. The information you provide will be treated in confidence and will not be stored onto a data-base or distributed to third parties.